White River Group Performance Report
and Informational Video

Learn Trading & Investing Secrets of Success
from an Award Winning Options Trader!


Andreas Diessbacher is an award winning, top ranked options trader.

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Advice is only as good as the person it comes from!

Over approximately the past 6 years Mr. Diessbacher has achieved the distinction of being one of the top options traders today not by talk but by performance managing over 1500 investors’ accounts.


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Learn the secrets of success in both trading and investing
from Mr. Diessbacher in an informational video!

Some of the valuable information you will learn:


  • What are the advantages and risks in trading options?
  • What are the most effective option trading strategies?
  • How to select trades?
  • What is the most important component of option pricing?
  • What is a huge part essential for successful trading?


  • What does it take to be a successful investor?
  • What is an investors' worst enemy and how to overcome it?
  • How can investors lose even with top money managers?
  • What are the two most important criteria in analyzing an investment?
  • What investment strategy can best potentially increase one's chances of success?
  • You will learn all this and more from Mr. Diessbacher himself in the video!


That's not all!
Also hear Mr. Diessbacher's projections as to the exact prices where he believes the S&P 500 will not go above and below for the current two week period!